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Color Selecting made easy!
The Color Picker is a tool which allows you to effortlessly select the colors of your website (or for any other application). This program displays the 216 web safe colors in a logical manner, which makes the selection process much easier. This program requires no installation and is customizable. Plenty of ideas and add-ons are in store for this little utility. Request a feature if you think one up and try it out for yourself.

For news please click here or go to the summary page of the project.

Current stage of development.
The back-end of the color picker is presently functional and rather robust.  What remains to be done is the GUI and GUI related features.  The first release is expected be to available sometime in January.  There is on-going research concerning color arrangements in general.  Visit the theory and history sections for details on previous and current research.  If you are interested in joining this project please email me.  I would be pleased to work with you.  You don't need any prior knowledge.

Who is developing the color picker?
That would be me, Pierre Charbonneau.  I study computer engineering at Concordia University, Montreal.  I try to work on this project on my spare time. It's a great learn experience.

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